Online, Remote Training

Video conferencing technology now gives us a way to help you and your dog achieve your training goals, regardless of barriers such as distance or health concerns! Using a program called Zoom, which requires no account or downloads on your end, we will meet and discuss your dog's problem behavior(s) just as we would in person. If we're training specific behaviors, you'll want to have your webcam or other streaming device overlook an open area so I can coach your training mechanics in real time. Follow up materials and specific instructions will be provided after our session. 



Although online training is just as effective, I am offering a reduced rate for new client consults to incentivize utilizing remote consults during this time of increased caution regarding COVID-19.

New Client Online Consult               |       $110

Follow-up Remote 1 hr Session        |       $70

Virtual 30 Minute Check-in              |       $30

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Please Note

Please give as much notice before cancellations as possible so I can schedule someone who needs my help, in your place. Remember dog training is not my hobby, it is my livelihood. No shows and cancellations without at least 24 hours notice will be counted as a completed session with no refund.

For help with Separation Anxiety, please reach out to a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer via Malena DeMartini or Julie Naismith's rigorous certification programs.