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My services range from socializing puppies not just to people and places but the tools and procedures they will be expected to endure, basic obedience and manners, various problem behaviors like destruction or potty training, to fear and aggression. 

For help with Separation Anxiety however, please reach out to a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer via Malena DeMartini's rigorous certification program. 

I motivate dogs by giving or withdrawing things they want. Since the most efficient way to motivate a dog learning new behaviors is with food, this is typically what I use. If your dog is on a prescription diet and cannot have treats of any kind, I ask you to provide me with a small portion of their daily rations to use while training. If your dog has weight concerns, you can reduce the volume of their meals on training days. Treats used will be as healthy as possible (typically unseasoned freshly cooked meat) within the dog's preferences. Please contact your veterinarian with any health concerns and I'll be happy to work with both of you to achieve your training goals.

I do not use aversive collars such as choke chains, slip leads, prong collars, shock collars or any other tool designed to cause discomfort or pain. Doing so would put a strain on your dog’s behavior due to increased stress and may not be safe for your dog or others. I prefer not to attach leashes to collars as a matter of safety. These policies are not only a personal choice backed by my education, but a matter of liability so exceptions will not be made.

You are responsible for divulging any and all behavior problems that may put me, your dog, or the public at risk. If you have a dog with a known bite history or if your dog shows signs they may bite, I will ask that you purchase a muzzle and follow my instructions for acclimating your dog to it. In some cases, a refusal to do so will result in my resignation from the case without refund. This is not only for public safety but protects you and your dog in the event of an emergency situation both from bodily harm and legal/insurance ramifications.

Due to the nature of my business I only accept payment before services are rendered. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Please give as much notice before cancellations as possible so I can schedule someone who needs my help, in your place. Remember dog training is not my hobby, it is my livelihood. No shows and cancellations without at least 24 hours notice will be counted as a completed session with no refund.

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