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Grand Forks, North Dakota

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My services range from socializing puppies, basic obedience practice, exercising high energy dogs, getting an aggressive dogs the stimulation they need while staying safe, to moseying with a senior who needs a little mid-day TLC. My default walking area is the greenway along the Red River and Turtle River State Park or Kelly Slough for day hikes. Depending on the needs of individual dogs this may vary, for example a reactive dog may find areas of the greenway too busy for comfort, a puppy may need the extra socialization of a busy park.

If your dog is dog-friendly, they may be walked with another dog or two. I reserve the right to walk a dog alone if they seem to stressed or if their behavior is too stressful for the other dogs. I keep groups small to maintain control and comfort.

I motivate dogs by giving or withdrawing things they want. Since the most efficient way to kindly motivate a dog is with food, this is what I train with. If your dog is on a prescription diet and cannot have treats of any kind, I ask you to provide me with a small portion of their daily rations to use while training.

I do not walk dogs using aversive collars or any other tool designed to cause discomfort or pain. Doing so would put a strain on your dog’s behavior due to increased stress and may not be safe for your dog or others. I also do not attach leashes to collars as a matter of safety. These policies are not only a personal choice backed by my education, but a matter of liability so exceptions will not be made.

You are responsible for divulging any and all behavior problems that may put me, your dog, or the public at risk. If you have a dog with a known bite history or if your dog shows signs they may bite, I reserve the right to muzzle train and then use a muzzle while in public. This is not only for public safety but protects you and your dog in the event of an emergency situation. Dogs who have bitten, even with good cause, do not typically find forgiveness in the legal system.

Due to the nature of my business I only accept payment before services are rendered. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Please give at least 24 hours notice before cancellation. As my groups are small and I am unlikely to fill a reserved walk in less than 24 hours, I cannot offer a refund for cancellations without 24 hour or more notice.

Dates of the walks paid for must be agreed upon at the time of payment. While I will be as flexible as possible to accommodate schedule changes, rescheduled walks or sessions must must be within 30 days of the original date chosen.

Once you have chosen the dates of your desired type of walk, please text or email to schedule. I will also send you a link to fill out a questionnaire. Additionally, I encourage a brief meet and greet ahead of time to become familiar to your dog and for you to show me where I will retrieve them.

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