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Please Note:

In-person services in the Grand Forks area will no longer be available after August 15th, 2024. Virtual or online services will continue to be available.

What I Can Do for You

  • Guide your training for a range of behavior problems.


  • Teach you body language, behavior and management skills that will keep your dog, as well as the public, safe.


  • Improve your quality of life. Loving and caring for a dog with behavior challenges can feel isolating.


  • Provide written step by step reminders.


  • Troubleshooting help via email is always available to current clients.

What I Can Do for Your Dog

  • Bridge the communication gap. Dogs aren't malicious, we simply aren't born understanding their language. 


  • Improve emotional well being. Most behavior problems are either due to stress, or cause stress after our negative feedback.


  • Allow them to lead fulfilled lives. Dogs want to be part of the family, but risky or unpleasant behavior can cause dogs to be left out of the family's fun. 


  • Advocate for dogs to be dogs. Most pets are chronically bored and frustrated by our thwarting of their attempts to have fun. 

What I Need From You

  • Trust and commitment. While I do my best to give you obtainable goals, I need you to maintain your end of the training bargain in order to see results.


  • Honesty and communication. Before becoming a professional, I made plenty of mistakes in owning and training dogs. I won't judge! So if you did not complete your homework or did something you're not proud of, tell me anyways. I can't set us up for success if I don't have the facts. 


  • Compassion towards your dog. I've been where you are. I've felt the embarrassment, anxiety and irritation of having a dog with issues. But your dog doesn't understand. Let me help you train in a way that does not utilize fear, threats or pain, which is all too common in the dog training world.


  • Understanding towards me. I'm a real human who makes mistakes. If I've missed your email, just give me a nudge. Please keep in mind that I care deeply about the outcome of your case. Burnout is a constant threat for pet professionals because of the heavy emotions involved. Be kind.

Private Training

One on one help and customized training plans for your needs and goals.

Puppy School & Manners School

Drop off / pick up day training for small puppies or friendly adolescents.

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