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Grand Forks, North Dakota

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Private & Day Training

Ethical and effective training that fits into any schedule. I do the heavy lifting, you enjoy the benefits!


Sessions are 1-2 hours of in-home training, unless the issue or training goals require a different location. Session time varies based on the problem type, training plan, and the dog's motivation or focus.

Single Session   |   $70

This option for getting some extra or specific socialization for young impressionable puppies, new adoption transitions & introductions, and problem prevention for young and adolescent dogs.

Ready Rover   |   $250

A total of 4 sessions.


This package lays a foundation of confidence, manners, and obedience. Upon completion you will be set up with the next steps to strengthen these behaviors outside the home.

Polite Pooch   |   $480

 A total of 8 sessions.


This package sets your dog up with obedience and manners you can begin utilizing out and about. Have guests over or go to the pet store without worry or embarrassment!

Fraidy Fido   |   $600

 A total of 10 sessions.


This package is ideal for dogs with minor issues like lunging and barking on leash, bullying other dogs at the park, impatience or intolerance of grooming and handling.

Fiesty Fido   |   $820

 A total of 16 sessions.


This package is for advanced training needs such aggression, handling issues, fear, or help perfecting manners in difficult situations.