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New Client Consult - In Person     |     $175

A consultation is required for all new private training clients. This allows me to record a detailed history of the dog's behavior, problem, discuss training principles, why your dog is behaving the way they are and collaborate to apply this information to your goals. While there may be hands on demonstration, the main focus of a consult is information gathering and education. After our session you will get written handouts with applicable information as well as a personalized notes and the training steps we discuss.  


Sometimes getting accurate info about dog behavior and training is all that is needed to make a huge difference in daily life or to start training at your own pace. Sometimes a little - or a lot of - help along the way is needed to ensure success. There are no quick fixes! 


**Please have printed vaccination records ready or send them electronically before our session.

To get started, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Online, Virtual New Client Consultation     |     $160

Video conferencing technology gives us a way to help you and your dog achieve your goals regardless of barriers such as distance or health concerns! Using a program called Zoom, which requires no account or downloads on your end, we will meet and discuss your dog's problem behavior(s) just as we would in person. Often, online consults are a better fit for a dog scared of strangers.

If we're training specific behaviors, you'll want to have

your webcam or other streaming device overlook an

open area so I can coach your training mechanics in

real time. Just as with in person consults, follow up

materials and specific instructions will be provided

after our meeting. 


Private Follow Up Training - In Person or Online

Private training sessions are in your home or in problem locations during follow up sessions. You will be an integral part of training and I will help coach you through your dog’s training plan one step at a time.

Single Session 

4 Session Package

6 Session Package 

8 Session Package 

10 Session Package

16 Session Package

         |         $80

         |         $272

         |         $396

         |         $512

         |         $620

         |         $960

Please Note

Wait times for new private training clients are 1-2 months. Feel free to reach out for resources, referrals or alternative services that may help in the meantime. 

Please give as much notice before cancellations as possible so someone else who needs help, can schedule in your place. Remember dog training is not my hobby, it is my livelihood. No shows and cancellations without 48 hours notice will be counted as a completed session without refund.

For help with Separation Anxiety, please reach out to a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer via Malena DeMartini or Julie Naismith's rigorous, specialized certification programs.

Reminder: I exclusively use rewards based training. Aversive tools such as prong collars, choke chains, slip collars, shock collars (e-collars), bark collars, citronella or ultrasonic devices will hinder rewards based training even if used in separate contexts. This is true even if the tools are used passively, infrequently or for containment, such as invisible fencing. By working with me, you agree to consider alternative options and work to avoid or discontinue the use of such tools going forward.

If you submit the form but don't receive the confirmation text below it, or an email reply from me within 3 full business days, please check your spam folder first, then email me directly with the below information. 

How old is or are your dogs?
What is your main reason for contact?

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