About Me

My name is Nickala Squire, founder of Carefree Canine, Certified Trainer and Counselor. I've worked with dogs professionally in different fields for much of my life so have a wide range of experience with different breeds, behaviors, backgrounds and sizes. 

At the top of this page is my first dog and my inspiration to become a dog trainer, Balfour the Great Pyrenees. He led me on a journey to find out why dogs behave the way they do and how to effectively modify their behavior. Through him I was led to the Academy for Dog Trainers founded by the world renowned Jean Donaldson. 

Unfortunately, dog training is not a regulated profession. Anyone can do anything to your dog and they are not legally obligated to disclose what they're doing let alone the potential life changing ramifications of the methods or tools they choose. I'm a firm believer in evidence based, ethical treatment of our pets in all professional fields including grooming, veterinary care, daycare or training. 

My Team

All of my animals have been adopted or came to me in need of a home. Below are my helpers who gladly volunteer (for a small edible fee) to help me socialize puppies and train dogs.


Owner (of all the things)


Mischief Manager


Nervous New Hire

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Grand Forks, North Dakota

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