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Grand Forks, North Dakota

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How is this different than other dog walkers?

With years of experience in multiple areas of the professional dog world and a senior in the most esteemed Professional Dog Training School in the world as well as my devotion to ongoing improvement and education, you can rest assured I will use the most modern humane and low stress methods to handle or train your dog.

You say you're a dog trainer, so why don't you offer training-only services?

While these walks are not formal training, that certainly doesn’t mean we can’t work on your training goals! Additionally, this makes me uniquely suited to walk dogs who may not do well in traditional day care groups. Day training and puppy day camp coming soon, stay tuned!

What kind of training methods do you use?

I don't hide behind euphemisms and vague concepts such as leadership. I want you to know exactly what is going to happen to your dog in the physical world. In addition to using food to motivate your dog kindly, I use the addition or removal of whatever your dog wants. If your dog does behave undesirably, I look at why instead of reprimanding. Changing the environment and the consequences the dog is aiming for are the only things necessary to change behavior.

Why do you use food?

Modern dog training means motivating your dog by utilizing what they want. The easiest, most efficient way to do this is with food. Since your dog’s emotional well being is a priority, using food is non negotiable. If you have concerns about allergies, weight, etc, we can talk about these. There are certainly a variety of foods available! All treats used are high quality Made in America either from scratch in my own kitchen or from trusted brands I feed my own pets. No grocery store milk bones!

What do you do on these walks?

My goal is your dog's happiness and fulfillment, so I will cater to you and your dog's individual needs. I'll integrate tricks and obstacles to get a collie mind moving. We'll take the less traveled path and build some confidence for a shy dog. Sniffaris are great fun for bright minded seniors with creaky joints.

What do I need?

As a matter of safety, I do not attach leashes to collars, only harnesses. If your dog is a harness-escaping pro I can link your dog's harness to limited-slip collar (martingale) to provide a backup measure while avoiding routine pressure on their trachea. If you don't have a harness I have extras, but I both would appreciate one perfectly fitted to your dog and highly recommend using them! Aversive collars such as choke, prong, or shock, will be removed for safety and liability reasons.

Is there a minimum age requirement? 

Since dogs acquire fear easily and it is so difficult to treat, a socialization outing is a fantastic investment in your puppy's future. The main cause of death in dogs under 3 years are behavior problems. Due to this, the American Veterinary Society for Animal Behaviour states “it should be the standard of care for puppies to receive socialization before they are fully vaccinated.” If your puppy hasn't had their full rounds of vaccination boosters yet, precautions can be taken.

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